St. Albert MLA Marie Renaud at the moment she defied tradition and criticized a Conservative! (Photo: Screenshot of unattributed video).


St. ALBERT, Alberta — My goodness, it’s rough being a government minister in this province!

Sometimes people will even criticize you!

I mean, seriously, the nerve! This never used to happen to the old Progressive Conservatives back in the day when they occupied all but one or two of the seats in the provincial Legislature.

Consider the plight of Dale Nally, United Conservative Party MLA for Morinville-St. Albert and associate minister of natural gas and electricity in Premier Jason Kenney’s binet.

The thin-skinned Mr. Nally turned up at St. Albert City Hall on Monday in the company of Culture, Multiculturalism and status of Women Minister Leela Aheer for a ceremony at which a rainbow flag was raised to acknowledge that June is Pride Month.

Ms. Aheer is often criticized for saying the right things about human rights but being part of a government that doesn’t exactly do the right thing. She is used to this and appears to deal with it with aplomb.

Mr. Nally, whose binet duties such as they are involve helping push through polices the fossil fuel industry wants, is apparently not so used to the idea that being criticized now and then comes with the job of being a minister of the Crown, albeit only…

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